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Ellie + Layne

Scrollino ABC Zoo

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By playing with the Scrollino® ABC ZOO children will learn the alphabet and discover a large palette of wild animals. This beautifully illustrated Scrollino is a perfect tool for the development of fine motor skills of your little ones. Like with the Montessori toys, Scrollino awakes curiosity and imagination, it invites kids to learn by playing, discovering, and having fun.

Scrollino is not only exciting, fun, and inspiring, it is also fully recyclable and compostable as we use high-quality organic materials. The box is made of FSC certified, natural feel acid-free heavyweight paper 130lb / 350gsm, for the rolls we use a custom-made paper perfect to be recycled, the Scrollers are molded from recycled wood, and our pencils are made of natural wood.

Scrollino® consists of a unique rewinding mechanism (The Scroller), a Scrollino box, and a paper roll to unwind at your own pace. To open the Scrollino simply pull on the tab (Paper Lip) to reveal the activities. The Paper Lip not only protects the paper roll, it also serves to prevent the paper from disappearing once you rewind your Scrollino.