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Ellie + Layne

Georgia Peach Floral 6 Layer Gauze Blanket

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In collaboration with LR Studios, we bring the new Georgia Peach Floral Blanket!

These beautiful blankets are made of soft, 6 layer gauze with a dainty lace trim. They measure 47in x 47in  giving your little ones a lot of room to grow with their new blankets. Perfect from birth, toddlerhood and beyond. The large size will give full body coverage at bedtime for your little ones. They also make the perfect lap blanket for you, too! 

-Material: 100% Cotton 6 layer gauze. The pillowy texture will occur with washing and drying

The perfect thickness for warmth, but won't get overheated.

-Measurements: 47in x 47in. Approximately 45 x 45in after washing and drying

-Colors: Muted peach florals set on a creamy, neutral background. Reversible to a plain white backside for days you don't want the florals

-Care: Wash on a cold, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low for the pillowy, crinkle texture that you get from 6 layer gauze blankets.

Some fraying of the lace can occur after washing and is normal. Trim loose strands if this occurs.


Never leave your baby unattended with blankets because of risk of suffocation.

Keep blanket away from velcro or sharp objects that can snag material. We are not responsible for damages to the fabric.

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